In 2003 an idea was born by one of our members to go to Timor Leste and assist Soraya of Kids Ark Ministry to build a Pre School. The idea came when he was in Timor Leste and completed a few odd jobs. The challenge was accepted and a team was gathered of Christian people, some with limited building skills, to go and build a Classroom in 2004. Money was kindly donated by an Adelaide business and off we went. Construction was done using all local materials purchased in Dili, Hera and Sidara. In just 4 weeks and a lot of sweat and hard work the Pre School was completed.

In 2004 / 2005 we were the driving force for a much larger challenge. With the project leader ARMS a School at Hera East Timor was started. This was a much larger project needing more than we could financially supply at this stage. People came together from all over Australia to make a start. After 12 weeks the 1st stage is almost completed with Soraya itching to get into the building. This project has 3 buildings in total and will also be used as a training centre for teachers.

In 2006 we travelled back to Sidara and assisted the local people in building a vegetable garden. In just 1 week we helped transform a vacant block of land into 21 garden beds. We also supplied enough seed to keep the garden in production for the coming year. And just 4 weeks after returning back to Australia, the vegetables are ready for harvest.

Join us in future projects. Who knows where you could be going to assist in the future. Just download the Membership Application found on the Contacts page and join us to assist the needy world.