Past Projects


2015 / 2016

Work started on Hera school stage 4. This will be the completion of the Hera school. A team from WA built this stage with some financial assistance from HANDS. The school now caters from pre school to year 9. From this point we will be assisting the Timor team financially to help pay the wages of the teachers and nurses. It’s good to build the buildings but the bigger the project the bigger the cost to staff them.

If you would like to assist we can help you set up a direct debit into our account. All money donated goes to the project, we do not hold any money back.


2011 to 2014

Teams came together to build a day clinic for people who have disabilities. Most of these unfortunate people would just be left in the family home with no help. Branca had a calling to help these people so she approached HANDS to build a special purpose building. Teams came from New Zealand, WA and NSW. John and Alison moved to Timor full time to project manage the build. It is now well used with real benefits for the community.




This year was spent completing some overdue maintenance on the school buildings and mission house where we stay while working in Timor. A new roof was fitted as well as a kitchen upgrade.


It was time to start stage 2 of the Hera school. This would consist of a fully functioning kitchen, dining room and 3 class rooms. Again all materials would be purchased in Timor using Steel roof trusses and block walls. Again HANDS would also supply all the fittings and teachers aids.



Saw a team travel back to Sidara to do some rework on the school building and supply power for the birthing and medical clinics. All the piqu was removed from the buildings and replaced with blue board that we had to ship from Australia along with the jointing compound and special paint




Finally we got to complete the Hera school stage 1, complete with a play ground. Each child that was lucky to attend the school also received a mid day meal, most likely the only meal they would get.




A small group travelled this year, we had planned on continuing with the Hera school, but due to unrest between the police and the army most of the shops where closed. We got invited back to Sidara and helped rebuild some vegetable gardens. In just 4 weeks there was a crop for sale.



HANDS as born and the work started to build a larger school in Hera, fundraising began and a partnership was formed with Australian Relief Mercy Services (ARMS). The work was started on an office, 3 classrooms, staff room, small kitchen and toilets. This was to be a large building of steel frame and block walls and will take 2 years to complete.



We started as a group mainly of people who did not know each other and headed to Timor Leste to build a school for Kids Ark Ministry. We acquired a piece of land and started to build a single building that could be used as a school and community building, all materials where purchased locally. It was a challenge.